Priority 1

Saturday, 25 May 2013

The following measures will be implemented under Priority 1: Research and development of new technologies:

1.1    Support for scientific research for the development of a knowledge-based economy
1.1.1    Research projects using foresight methods
1.1.2    Strategic research and development programmes
1.1.3    System projects

1.2 Improvement of the human potential of science

  • Ventures Programme
  • Team Programme
  • International Doctoral Project Programme
  • Welcome Programme

 1.3        Support for R&D projects benefiting entrepreneurs and implemented by research centres

1.3.1    Development projects

  • Techno theme group
  • Info theme group
  • Bio theme group

1.3.2        Support for the protection of industrial property generated in research centres as a result of R&D works

1.4    Support for goal-oriented projects

  • Small and medium sized enterprises
  • Large enterprises


Priority Axis 1 will provide financial support for future studies aimed at identifying the directions of scientific research that may have the greatest impact on the pace of the country’s social and economic development. The studies will be based on foresight methods widely used in other countries. In essence, these methods involve all the parties concerned (entrepreneurs, representatives of non-governmental organisations, politicians, mass media representatives and scientists) in a public debate on the most important future needs of the society and the economy. Foresight studies will be conducted at national level, in order to  identify research areas of importance for the whole country, as well as at regional level and in the various sectors of the economy.

Priority Axis 1 covers support for research and development work done by consortia of research and industrial partners and contributing to the development of knowledge-based economy. Support will be provided i.a. to large multidisciplinary and cross-disciplinary research projects that are in line with the thematic priority axes described below, and to projects developed in response to the findings of foresight processes.

Support will be provided for the rejuvenation of the human resources of the research sector through involvement of students and postgraduates in the implementation of research projects in areas of crucial importance for the economy, as well as through doctoral research. Good practice regarding cooperation between science and business will hopefully be transferred to Poland through support for research projects implemented in Polish research centres by top foreign scientists, and for international doctoral studies.

Furthermore, support will be provided to development projects involving practical application of research results in economic sectors/branches of particular importance. The transfer of R&D results from the research sector to the economy will also be supported by helping research centres based in Poland finance procedures that will ensure the protection of the intellectual property of these centres.

The priority axis will support businesses investing in R&D by co-funding projects covering technological and/or organisational measures (industrial research and development) implemented by entrepreneurs, groups of entrepreneurs or other entities capable of putting the  project results into practical use. Support for the implementation of the results of R&D work done by businesses under this priority axis will be available under Measure 1.4.

Commercialisation of R&D will be supported further by allowing projects under this priority axis to contain a project promotion component.

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