Minister of Science in Kiev about "Polish Erasmus for Ukraine"

Monday, 26 January 2015

Ministry of Science wants 400 more students and 50 graduate students from Ukraine to start studying in Poland in February 2015 - said Minister of Science Lena Kolarska-Bobińska, who met with the Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine, Serhiy Kwit last Monday.

Minister of Science and Higher Education Lena Kolarska-Bobińskawas a member of the government delegation of Prime Minister Ewa Kopacz, which last Monday in Kiev met with Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko and Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenjouk.

"Poland supports Ukraine in building the structures of a democratic and modern state, as well as its efforts to conclude an association agreement with the European Union. Cooperation in the field of higher education is also subordinated to that. Programs involving Ukrainian students focus on building staff competence and experience for the Ukrainian state and economy" - said Kolarska-Bobińska.

She added that the Ministry of Science has prepared the next phase of the Polish Erasmus for Ukraine. It is a scholarship program for Ukrainian students from the annexed areas and areas of conflict. In the first stage, Poland has already funded the annual tuition and scholarships for 79 people. Since the winter semester of the current academic year, Ukrainians study at twenty universities in Poland; courses include European studies, economics, computer science and engineering, and mechanical engineering. "We want 400 students and 50 graduate students from Ukraine to start studying in Poland in February 2015" - said Kolarska-Bobińska.

Polish Erasmus program for Ukraine is intended for all residents of Ukraine. Priority is given to applications from persons from areas of military operations, who lost livelihoods. Program beneficiaries will study in Poland free of charge for two semesters. In addition, they will receive 900 zlotys scholarships for sustenance.

The cost of the program is more than 10.7 million zlotys. It will benefit a total of 550 people - 500 students and 50 doctoral students. Polish government funding will cover the undergraduate, master's and doctoral studies in Polish universities and living expenses during the year-long stay in Poland.

In addition, Poland supports the education of new generation of management for the higher education system in Ukraine. From September last year to May 2015, 50 young researchers, leaders of social organizations and representatives of the Ukrainian academic community, acquires the necessary knowledge in this field in the framework of the project "Innovative University and Leadership". The initiative is carried out at the University of Warsaw under the aegis of Prof. Jerzy Axer.

Currently, students from Ukraine are the largest group of foreigners studying in Poland - 42 percent. In the academic year 2013/2014, 15 thousand citizens of Ukraine studied in our country, 4 thousand of them now receive various types of financial support (exemption from tuition fees, scholarships).

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