"Copernicus - the road to economic development" conference

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Photo: Nicolaus Copernicus University

Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Republic of Poland is organising the international conference on "Copernicus - the road to economic development" with participation of high-ranking representatives of the European Commission, European Space Agency, EUMETSAT and other European institution and space sector. The main task of the conference is to emphasise the importance of Copernicus programme for Poland. The conference is also an excellent opportunity to present the capabilities of Polish space sector to participate in the programme as well as to establish and foster contacts with the representatives from leading space institutions from Europe.


The conference will last 26-27 February 2015, one and half days, and will be organised around:

  • the presentations by Polish and European high level speakers, experts and practitioners,
  • a press conference which will take place the first day after political session. Polish media are expected to participate,
  • poster session during all the conference.

We are organising the 3D show in Planetarium "Heavens of Copernicus" on Thursday (first day). The sightseeing of the exhibitions of Copernicus Research Centre is possible on Friday (second day).

The official language of this conference is English.


The participation in conference is free of charge.

Registration opening day: 3.02.2015
Max. no of participants: 200
Contact: copernicusconference@nauka.gov.pl

Please click the formula to register for the conference.

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