Łukasz Szumowski

Under-Secretary of State
Prof. Łukasz Szumowski

tel. +48 22 52 92 611

Prof. Łukasz Szumowski



Łukasz Szumowski was born on 3 June 1972

in Warsaw. He is a cardiologist and a professor of medical sciences. Since 2011 he has managed the Life Sciences Special Team in the Ministry of Science and Higher Education. He is an author or co-author of over 150

national and international works.

In 1997 he completed medical studies at the Medical University. In 1998 he started his work in the Cardiology Institute in Warsaw-Anin. In 2002 he obtained a doctor of medicine’s degree and in 2010 - an assistant professor of medicine’s degree. He received the title of professor from President Andrzej Duda in 2016.

He has managed the Department of Arrhythmia in the Institute of Cardiology in Warsaw where he has been a member of the Scientific Council for many years. He has performed numerous duties in the European and Polish Scientific Societies. He has been a member of among others: European Heart Rhythm Association Training Fellowships Committee, Innovation Committee as well as the Heart Rhythm Section in the Polish Society for Cardiology Board. He belongs to the European and Polish Society of Cardiology.

He has cooperated with the Kresy w Potrzebie – Polacy Polakom [the Borderlands in need - Poles for Poles] Foundation which takes care of Polish citizens left outside the eastern Polish border, particularly children from Grodno and Wołkowysk. He has also cooperated with the Serce dla Arytmii [Heart for Arrhythmia] Foundation which promotes knowledge among patients and doctors in the scope of arrhythmia prevention, diagnostics and treatment as well as with the Serce dla Arytmii Patient Association.

He lives in Warsaw with his wife and four children. He is engaged in sailing and skiing for pleasure. In his free time he plays the piano and guitar.

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