Institutional framework

Saturday, 25 May 2013

Managing Authority  – Minister of Regional Development;

Intermediate Body – Minister of Science and Higher Education, University Financing Department;

Certifying Body – Minister of Regional Development;

Audit Institution - Chief Fiscal Control Inspector;

Implementing Institution - see: the table below:

Priority Axis

13. Higher education infrastructure

IaE OP Measure

13.1. Higher education infrastructure

Project selection procedure

Key projects/competition projects

Implementing Institution

Information Processing Centre

Contact data


Information Processing Centre
al. Niepodległości 188 b
00-608 Warszawa

Contact person

Wojciech Motelski (Head of the IaE OP Implementation Department)


telephone: 0-22 570 14 00
fax: 0-22 825 33 19; e-mail:

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